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TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates

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TRVP RDA Atomizer for ConcentratesTRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

The TRVP RDA Atomizer by BB Vapes Brvnd is a Multi-Purpose RDA Atomizer for Concentrates & e-Liquid.


The TRVP pronounced the TRAP is also known as the TRAP Atomizer. Designed and engineered in Canada for High Performance, Versatility and Functionality.


Here are some examples of what the TRVP atomizer RDA deck can accommodate: 20 Ply Framed Staples, Mesh Strips Inlay, Vertical or Horizontal configurations, Ceramic Donuts, Quartz Wick Coils, Ceramic Rod Heaters, Dual / Triple / Quad Vertical, Custom Shaped Heating Inserts, 4mm Diameter Coils, Alien / Staggered / Mohawk Claptons etc… there is no limit to coil design.


Unlike other Concentrate / Extract / Wax / Oil / Shatter atomizers, the BB Vapes TRVP atomizer uses easily exchangeable / replaceable RDA coils. RDA coils are inexpensive, readily available in 100’s of different designs and if that isn’t enough you can easily build your own coils with our Avidartisan Tool Kit (sold separately). RDA or e-Juice coils are available in Titanium, Stainless Steel, Clapton, Nichrome, Nickel and combinations of several materials. The TRVP is powered by any 510 threaded Box Mod battery that supports Sub-Ohm resistance of 0.1 Ohms and a minimum of 40 watts making it easy and efficient to use.



TRVP Atomizer Vice Certified


TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates Works With:

  • All Extractions Like BHO, Wax, Shatter, Oil, etc
  • e-Juice
  • All 510 Threaded Box Mod Batteries That Support 0.1 Ohms, Minimum of 40 Watts and 24mm Diameter Atomizers

PlanetHaze sells only the Newest Version of the TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates

TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates
Easy to use thanks to the TRAP design. Unique glass mouthpiece keeps the vapor cool during sessions which combined with a directed variable airflow provide the largest and smoothest hits you have ever experienced.



TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates Features

TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates on eVic VTwo Mini

The advantage of a high performance, portable concentrate Haze, the TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates lies in its TRAP design and Double Helix Direct to Coil Airflow Pathway. Along with quality construction from BB Vapes Brvnd.

  • High Performance Multi-Purpose RDA Atomizer for Concentrates and e-Liquid
  • Ergonomic Glass Mouthpiece Included
  • Sealed Ceramic Insert (Inner Dimensions: 6mm x 18mm) For Incredible Flavor, Minimal Reclaim and Easy Cleaning
  • Zero Ingress and Minimal Reclaim
  • Stainless Steel Deck and Cap
  • Squonk Compatible 510
  • Protruding Hybrid 510 Connection Pin For Mechanical MODS
  • 810 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Dual Helix Airflow Pathway
  • Direct To Coil Intake (Angled) For Optimized Flavor
  • Slammed Cap (21.5mm Height)
  • Stainless Steel Flat Head Clamp Screws
  • 24mm Diameter Cap
  • 22.2mm Diameter Deck
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Clamp Deck For Easy Coil Mounting

FAST Expedited Shipping in Canada and No Taxes or Import Fees to the USA
FAST Expedited Shipping in Canada and No Taxes or Import Fees to the USA


TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates Kit Includes:

  • (1) x TRVP ATTY Rebuildable Deck RDA Atomizer
  • (1) x Extra Sealed Ceramic Insert
  • (1) x Ergonomic Glass Mouthpiece
  • (1) x Top Cap
  • (1) x Color Shifting Beauty Ring
  • (1) x Ultem 810 Drip Tip w / Built In Honeycomb Splash Guard
  • (1) x Bottom Feeder and Standard 510 Pin
  • (10) x 316L Stainless Steel Mesh Heating Strips
  • (1) x Spare Parts Bag

Look For The Authorized Logo!

Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates. Don’t take chances with your health, only buy from an Authorized Distributor to ensure you are getting Genuine Authentic BB Hazes Brand products. The advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get a Genuine TRVP RDA Atomizer for Concentrates. You will also be fully covered by any manufactures warranty and you will receive the best service possible.
Disclaimer: PlanetHaze is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

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