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  • CCELL TH2 Authentic Oil Cartridges

    CCELL TH2 Authentic Oil Cartridges

    from: US$ 6.76
    • CAD: CA$ 7.95 - CA$ 8.95

    CCELL TH2 Authentic Oil Cartridges CCELL TH2 Oil Cartridges are a break through in technology that provides perfect vaporization of your precious oils. CCELL ceramic heating elements are composed of a patented formula developed with thermal endurance in mind, meaning they can absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and regularly. This ceramic…

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    ExtractCraft Source Turbo

    US$ 654.46
    • CAD: CA$ 769.95

    ExtractCraft Source Turbo The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft is a safe, clean, very easy to use appliance that uses vacuum and gentle warming to make extracts and concentrates. Throughout the process, the alcohol is recovered for re-use saving the user a lot of money and paying for itself in a very short time. The fully…