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LINX ApolloLINX Apollo Authorized Distributor

The LINX Apollo is LINX Vapor’s most advanced and versatile device for the concentrates gourmets. Get ready to blast off with the purest vapor on-the-go or on any glassware. Best price. LINX Apollo Canada | USA | International.


Works With:

  • Most Stable Extracts
  • LINX Budder Cups
  • Rosin, Honey Oil, Live Resin, Shatter, BHO, Budder, Wax and more



Micro-Dosing To Massive Clouds

From micro-dosing to recreational sessions and from the comfort of your home to wherever you are going, the Apollo is the ultimate dabbing device. Patented in-laid all quartz chamber heats instantly and evenly delivering amazingly clean vapor and is easy to clean without any exposed coils for superior life span, unrivaled vapor production and incredible flavor.


Portable or Desktop

The LINX Apollo Vaporizer can be used in two ways. It becomes a standalone device when attached to the LINX bubbler. The whole kit remains compact, portable and can be carried around with the included LINX carrying case. When the Apollo is plugged into your glassware, it acts as an e-rig and becomes a part of your desktop glassware setup, delivering massive clouds and clean flavor. Powered by a new powerful 2600 mAH Lithium-ion battery that recharges in 3 – 4 hours via USB.


LINX Apollo Two Experiences


Fits 14mm and 18mm Water Tools

The Apollo can attach to any water pieces that is fitted with a glass-on-glass joint with 14mm or 18mm downstems.


Power Boost

For the most massive hits, Power Boost your Apollo. Once Apollo is powered on, hold the button to activate Power Boost. The power indicator will rotate quickly, indicating the Apollo is boosted to its highest temperature (600F). Heat Boost can be very useful to reach max temperature instantly for big clouds, or heat off the leftover extracts to minimize waste.


Smart Heating and Four Temps

Get larger clouds, longer sessions and the purest vapor, all while using less of your material. Control the temperature, toggle between 4 heat temps and enjoy vaping your way.


LINX Apollo Features


Air Flow Control

In Portable Mode, use your finger to cover the Air Path Regulator at bottom of the Apollo Base. Doing so will restrict the airflow going into the atomizer just like a carb cap. Release your finger when you wish to add more air. In Desktop Mode, Open and close the Carb Cap to direct the airflow and regulate the amount of air going into the atomizer. This device is very easy to store and use out and about, so if you enjoy vaping while you are on the go, this is a fantastic option for anyone.




LINX Apollo Vape Features


LINX Apollo Features:

  • Works With Glassware or LINX Bubbler (Included)
  • All Quartz Heating Chamber
  • One Touch Heat Boost
  • Four Preset Temperatures
  • In-Laid Heating Full Quartz Atomizer
  • Smart And Accurate Heating Control
  • 2600mAh Large Capacity Battery
  • Airflow Regulation
  • Metal Casing
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Heavy Metals Tested
  • Fits Male And Female Glassware

LINX Apollo Includes:

  • (1) x 2600mAh LINX Apollo Base
  • (1) x All Quartz Atomizer
  • (1) x Carb Cap
  • (1) x Apollo Glass Bubbler
  • (1) x Silicone Airflow Regulator
  • (1) x Silicone Airflow Sleeve
  • (1) x Apollo Carrying Case
  • (1) x LINX Tool
  • (1) x USB Charging Cable
  • (1) x Apollo Cleaning Brush
  • (1) x Male Water Pipe Adapter (fits 14mm or 18mm downstem)

Look For The Authorized Logo!

Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine LINX Apollo. Don’t take chances with your health, only buy from an Authorized Distributor to ensure you are getting Genuine Authentic LINX Vapor products. The advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get a Genuine LINX Apollo. You will also be fully covered by any manufactures warranty and you will receive the best service possible.

Disclaimer: PlanetHaze is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

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