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  • Puffco Vision PlusPuffco Vision Plus Mouthpiece Animated

    Puffco Vision Plus

    US $94.95
    • CAD: CA $99.95
    Puffco Vision Plus Kit Features:
    • Full Ceramic Coil-Less Heating Chamber
    • New Dart Mouthpiece With Integrated Carb Cap
    • Variable Temperatures With 3 Settings
    • New Session Mode
    • Named “Best Vape Pen” by High Times Magazine
    • New Higher Capacity Sealed Heating Chamber
  • Puffco Plus V2 Kit

    Puffco Plus V2 Kit

    US $84.95
    • CAD: CA $94.95

    Puffco Plus V2 Kit The wait is over. The new standard for vaporizing essential oils on the go has arrived. The Puffco Plus also known as the Puffco Plus + V2 Update is the most awarded and flavorful concentrate vape pen ever, now even more improved. Delivers the perfect combination of flavor and discrete vapor…

  • Puffco Plus ChamberPuffco Plus Chamber Bowl

    Puffco Plus Chamber

    from: US $24.95
    • CAD: CA $27.95 - CA $132.95

    Puffco Plus Chamber Puffco Plus Chamber is an all-ceramic chamber which means less time reloading and more time puffing. The Plus chamber / atomizer contains no glues or exposed metals. Puffco’s new chamber has been engineered to optimize capacity and flavor. Great taste is guaranteed. Best price. Puffco Plus Chamber Canada | USA | International….

  • Puffco Plus Battery

    Puffco Plus Battery

    US $52.61
    • CAD: CA $64.95

    Puffco Plus Battery Flavor is optimized through temperature control on the Puffco Plus battery. Three distinct heat levels provide a personalized experience. Green is Low, Blue is Medium, White is High. Toggle between the modes with the silicone button and updated LEDs. Best price. Puffco Plus Battery Canada | USA | International.   YOU GET…

  • Puffco Plus V2 Dart 3 Pack

    Puffco Plus Dart 3 Pack

    US $10.49
    • CAD: CA $12.95

    Puffco + Plus Dart 3 Pack Puffco Dart was designed for durability and with regular cleaning you will have no trouble getting lots of usage out of your Dart. But replacing Darts has never been easier with our 3 pack ensuring you are getting premium, unadulterated flavor every puff, every pass.   Works With: Puffco…

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    Puffco Plus Grips

    US $13.73
    • CAD: CA $16.95
    Puffco Plus Grips Feature:
    • Fits Puffco Plus / V2 / Vision
    • Soft Silicone Adds More Grip
    • Color Code Your Puffco Plus
    • Adds Style to Your Puffco Plus
  • Puffco Plus Mouthpiece

    Puffco Plus Mouthpiece

    US $16.16
    • CAD: CA $19.95

    Puffco + Plus Mouthpiece The Puffco Plus Mouthpiece is both innovative and practical. The patented dart combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one. The dart can be easily extended by pressing down on the silicone top, allowing you to scoop concentrates with ease. Press down into the chamber while screwing…

  • Puffco Plus Supercharger

    Puffco Plus Supercharger

    US $8.06
    • CAD: CA $9.95

    Puffco Plus Supercharger The Puffco Plus SuperCharger was redesigned specifically with heavy users in mind.   Now the Puffco Plus and Vision Plus batteries can be fully charged in under 35 minutes!   **Standard 510 threading**   Works With: Puffco Vision Plus Puffco Plus Keep the contact points on your device and supercharger clean of…