Where Can I Buy A Sublimator Vaporizer

Where Can I Buy A Sublimator Vaporizer?

After far too long, Sublimator will soon be releasing the Next Generation Sublimator Vaporizer.  An early release of the new Orion head was released in limited numbers last year.  Now finally the new Adapt-A-Bong Kits which connect to your existing water tool and Full Digital XLR Kits will soon hit our shelves.

PlanetHaze has been selected by Sublimator to premier all the new Sublimator gear.  Available first will be the new All In One medical stainless steel base.  Bases are now all standardized with a 45mm top joint, carb valve and redesigned atomizer holder and will work with any glass piece that has a male 45mm joint on the bottom.

The new Heater Handles are not backwards compatible with prior Sublimator models due to extra pins required for the real time temperature feedback.  The new custom made heaters are now encapsulated under a cover to keep them clean, protected and ultra reliable.

Atomizers have been redesigned with external threads to avoid resin lock.  Top geometry has been updated to pair with the new Orion head and Orion Belt carb cap.  Using the new Orion head with existing atomizers is not recommended as the geometry of the prior atomizers is not aligned with the new Orion head.

Finally the crown jewel and heart of the new Sublimator Vaporizer, the Monkey Controller.  Years in development, it is almost ready.  A substantial improvement over the previous version, the Monkey Controller is now digital.  Still designed and engineered in Canada by Space Agency electronics experts.  The boards, cases and everything possible is made in Canada, only parts not available in Canada are sourced internationally.  WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity along with a large touchscreen are just some of the features incorporated in this advanced new Monkey Controller.

What about pricing you ask?  The best of anything costs more to make, but is usually worth it.  The original Sublimators are still regarded as the best vaporizer ever made and certainly provide the biggest and strongest hits available from a vaporizer to this day and performs this feat using just 0.1 of a gram of herbs.  The new Sublimator with Orion head takes your space flight even higher and with more control.  Good news isprices are only slightly higher as Titanium, Medical Stainless, Glass and Electronic Components have all substantially increased since the beginning of 2020.

You have come to the right place to get yourself a new Sublimator.  Product listings are going up soon and once we have confirmed shipping dates, pre-orders of kits will open…. Soon, very soon :)

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