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Stealth Adapter

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Stealth AdapterSolo Stealth Adapter Authorized Distributor

Now you can use your Air or Solo as a stealth vapor machine. Using our Stealth Adapter and a medium or large cup at least 16cm (6.3 inches) tall with some ventilation holes poked in the bottom, you can use your Air or Solo undetected and uninhibited.


The Stealth Adapter can also be used by attaching a silicone whip, turning your Air or Solo into a powerful whip vape. The best size silicone tubing to use is 3/16″ ID x 5/16″OD.

Available here: 3/16″ ID x 5/16″ OD High Temp Silicone Tubing


Made with borosilicate glass by hand, using an original Arizer stem to ensure a perfect factory fit. PVHES mods are included with the Stealth Adapter. Fits Arizer Air and Solo.



Where’s the Solo?

Where is the Solo?


Safety 1st, poke lots of ventilation holes in the bottom

Poke Holes in the Bottom


There’s the Solo

(cut out is there just to give a cut away view, for actual use, do not cut out the side)

Solo Hiding



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