Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack

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Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack

Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack

The 8 gram Integra BOOST 2-way humidity control packs offer a safe, simple, effective solution for creating the balanced environment your products need to thrive. Fits the Xtra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large CVaults. Can also be used in other Air Tight containers such as Mason Jars. Also available in an array of size options and at two distinct relative-humidity levels, preserving your favorite household items has never been easier.



When the Relative Humidity is below 55%, you don’t have enough moisture. This will cause your flower to dry out and turn brittle, making them unpleasant to smoke. Dryness will also lessen its potency and weight.

When the Relative Humidity is above 62%, you have too much moisture that can encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria, such as mold, mildew, and fungus.

The difference between the 55% and 62% Relative Humidity are the humidity levels. 55% adds less moisture and 62% allows for more moisture. Some consumers prefer a slightly drier environment, with a Relative Humidity as low as 55% and some prefer more moisture. It all depends on your personal preferences and how long you intend to hold onto a given strain. They are both safe levels because they are both within the ideal range.


62% Humidity Integra BOOST Packs are ideal for material being rolled or not vaporized. For material being vaporized we recommend the 55% Humidity Integra BOOST Packs



2-way humidity control works by continually responding and adjusting to the outside temperature and climate by either adding or removing humidity as needed to maintain a 62% level of relative humidity (RH) inside of packages and containers.


By maintaining your product at an ideal and constant relative humidity, means your product will not lose or gain any moisture.  Instead, your product will be maintained at its ideal moisture level throughout its intended shelf life and/or usage life.

Too much moisture can mean mold or damp herb, while too little can lead to over-drying, crispy flowers, and harsh smoke. Re-hydrate your flowers and herbal medicine and keep cigars and pantry items fresh and free from mold and rot with Integra BOOST 2-way humidity packs. They offer a safe, simple, and effective solution for creating a balanced environment your products need to thrive.


Combine the Integra BOOST Pack with a CVault and your product will never encounter any moisture fluctuations, keeping it fresh and perfectly humidified, waiting for you to enjoy.


Integra BOOST How It Works



Depending on the amount of contents to be preserved, we recommend the following guidelines:
Up to 12 grams of contents: 4-gram packet of Integra BOOST
12-28 grams of contents: 8-gram packet of Integra BOOST
Up to 1 pound of contents: 67-gram packet of Integra BOOST



The cards used with 62% BOOST packs will have a pink dot
The cards used with 55% BOOST packs will have a lavender dot
Regulating occurs when new air is introduced. Seal the lid and dot will slowly react to humidity. The dot will turn blue, when it’s time to replace pack.



If your plant is too dry, BOOST is releasing more moisture into the product, therefore the indicator will react towards the blue, until your entire product is hydrated.

Also, if you are opening and closing the container often, while trying to hydrate your plant, new moisture is constantly entering the container, which will keep the dot blue. Just allow a day or 2 for BOOST do it’s job and the replacement indicator should stabilize back to it’s proper color.


Care and Storing

  • Integra BOOST packs are sealed when you receive your product
  • Remove Clear Protective Wrap Before Use
  • Store Integra BOOST packs in a cool / dry area
  • Integra BOOST packs should be stored in a sealed 2 ML bag or other airtight container when not in use
  • Avoid storing next to heat sources or in direct sunlight
  • Avoid storing on the floor, product should be elevated
  • Integra BOOST packs work best when used in conjunction with CVault storage containers
  • Natural, safe and environmentally friendly


Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack Includes:

  • (1) x Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack
  • (1) x Integra BOOST 62% Replacement Indicator Card


Look For The Authorized Logo!

Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack. Don’t take chances with your health, only buy from an Authorized Distributor to ensure you are getting Genuine Authentic Integra BOOST products. The advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get a Genuine Integra BOOST 8 gram 62% Humidity Control Pack. You will also be fully covered by any manufactures warranty and you will receive the best service possible.

Disclaimer: PlanetHaze is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

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