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Glass Stem Screen Pack for Arizer

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Glass Stem Screen Pack for ArizerAir and Solo Vaporizer Glass Aroma Tube Stem Screens Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

These stainless steel screens are made to fit inside the Arizer Air and Solo Vaporizer Glass Aroma Tube Stem perfectly.  They are slightly oversized so that they can be domed and or trimmed for your desired fit.

Screens filter out particles from the air stream as well as helping to prevent material from blocking the air holes to maintain air flow volumes.


Works With:

  • Air Stems / GonGs
  • Air II Stems / GonGs
  • Solo Stems / GonGs
  • Solo II Stems / GonGs


  • (5) x Stainless Steel Arizer Air and Solo Stem Screens

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