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Boundless CF 710 Vaporizer

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Boundless CF 710 Portable Concentrate VaporizerBoundless CF 710 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

The Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer is a portable and powerful electronic nectar collector type dabbing vaporizer.


Boundless CF 710 is a compact portable dabbing vaporizer featuring many innovative features. Utilizing a powerful exposed heating tip to provide the ultimate in great taste. Experience pure flavor and massive clouds from your concentrates and oils on the go or at home. The Boundless CF 710 combines sleek design and stealth allowing the user to enjoy oils / concentrates free from the worry of butane torches or power cords.


Use it just like other nectar collectors. There are 2 ways to operate the Boundless CF710, the first is on-demand heating where you press and hold the button to heat the coils while you take your draws. The second way is a session style hit, you click the power button 3 times and the CF-710 will continuously heat for 15 seconds allowing you to take multiple draws without the need to constantly press the power button. So when you want to use the Boundless CF 710, you first set the CF 710 to your desired heating mode, then dip the heated coils into the provided quartz dish loaded with your concentrates while drawing from the top mouthpiece. The CF-710 gets to temperature in the matter of seconds.


Best performance comes from just Dabbing the heated tip of the CF-710 into your favorite concentrate from the top and inhale the abundant tasty vapors through the mouthpiece. Do not submerge the tip in your concentrate or use the tip to stir around. Only touch the heated tip on the top of your material. No loading chambers or messing with sticky material, with the CF 710 your dabber is the vaporizer!


Boundless CF 710 Heating Tip


The CF 710 charges via standard USB cable included.



Boundless CF 710 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Features:


Boundless CF 710 Dabbing


The advantage of a high performance dab portable, the Boundless CF 710, lies in its simple operation along with quality construction from Boundless Haze Technology.

  • No Butane Needed – The Boundless CF 710 Is Powered Solely By Electricity.
  • Instant Heat Up – Powered By A Built In Single 16500 LG Lithium-Ion 10A High Drain Battery With 900 mAh Capacity
  • Rapid USB Charging – Fully Charge In 2 Hours
  • Long Battery Life – Up To An Hour Of Concurrent Use
  • Ultraportable Design – Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand
  • On Demand Intake – Simply Hold The Power Button Down To Start Heating
  • Interchangeable Heating Tips – Choose Between Ceramic or Quartz Heating Tips
  • Sleek Design – Made Out Of 100% Stainless Steel
  • Unit Weight: 4.5 oz / 126 grams
  • Unit Dimensions: 5.5″H x 1.125″W (140mm H * 28.5mm W)

FAST Free Expedited Shipping in Canada and USA


The Boundless CF 710 Portable Vaporizer Includes FAST Free Shipping with Insurance in Canada and USA


Full Boundless CF 710 Kit Includes:

  • (1) x Boundless CF 710 Vaporizer
  • (1) x USB Cable
  • (1) x Ceramic Heating Tip
  • (1) x Quartz Heating Tip
  • (1) x Loading Tool
  • (1) x Quartz Glass Dab Dish Container
  • (1) x Users Manual

Look For The Authorized Logo!

Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine Boundless CF 710 Vaporizer. Don’t take chances with your health, the advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get an Authentic, Genuine complete kit with the newest version of the Boundless CF 710 Vaporizer. You will also be fully covered by any manufactures Warranty and you will receive the best service possible.

Disclaimer: PlanetHaze is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

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