Blazer FireFox Mini Torch

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Blazer FireFox Mini TorchBlazer FireFox Mini Torch


The Blazer FireFox Mini Butane Torch is the newest torch in the Blazer line of dual use micro torches and reflects the same unparalleled quality, craftsmanship and proven track record built serving the professional hand tool industry for over 28 years.


Works With:

  • High Quality Butane

⚠ WARNING: Blazer FireFox Mini Torch Requires Butane To Operate, Butane Canister Sold Separately.

Recommended Butane For Blazer FireFox Mini Torches Is Colibri Butane: Click Here For Colibri Butane


The FireFox measures a compact 4.5″ tall and packs all the punch Blazer torches are known for. Featuring a large gas chamber which provides a 20 minute burn time, a powerful 2500F wind resistant adjustable flame and the same intuitive child resistant mechanism found on all of the Blazer dual use torches.


This unique torch makes the perfect mini torch, the made in Japan FireFox will give you all the dependability and reliability, light after light, which all Blazer products are known for. It is commonly used for detailed purposes such as heating glass, titanium nails, titanium pads, quartz and glass vaporizers such as Dynavap, Eclipse vapes, Vaponic, Vapocane, Vapo-Bowl, W9Tech extract cartridges, HMK Ti Curves and lab applications.


Blazer FireFox Micro Torch



  • Piezoelectric Ignition System Never Requires Batteries
  • Gas-Flow is Adjustable
  • Burns For Approximately 20 minutes With a Full Fuel Chamber, With a Lock That Enables Continuous Operation
  • Butane Powered, Refillable
  • Provides a 2,500 degrees F, Wind-Resistant, Blue Flame For Precision
  • Compact Size (7oz., 4.5″ tall)

The FireFox torch houses a piezoelectric ignition system, which is based on a pressurized molecular reaction, and requires no electric connection. Piezoelectric energy occurs when the trigger is activated, releasing a small, spring-loaded internal hammer that strikes a crystal, producing a spark and resulting in gas flame ignition.


With a maximum flame temperature of 2,500 degrees F, the FireFox has a continuous burn time of approximately 20 minutes at maximum fuel volume. The torch head has a 90-degree fixed angle, and its flame range is 0.5 to 1.25 inches. It has a safety component that offers manual lock of the ignition, when not in use.


The FireFox torch operates with a standard refined butane canister. Recommended Butane For Blazer FireFox Mini Torches Is Colibri Butane: Click Here For Colibri Butane


Blazer FireFox Mini Torch Includes:

  • (1) x Blazer FireFox Mini Torch

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