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  • SZ Crossing Saionara Poseidon Glass Bubbler

    Saionara Poseidon Glass Bubbler

    US $36.41
    • CAD: CA $44.95
    Saionara Poseidon Glass Bubbler Features:
    • High Performance Bubbler Turns Your Saionara Atomizer Into a Powerful Dab Rig
    • Stainless Steel Carb Cap and Magnetic Dab Tool
    • All Glass High Quality Bubbler Body
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    Saionara Wax Atomizer

    from: US $36.41
    • CAD: CA $44.95 - CA $49.95

    Saionara Wax Atomizer by SZ Crossing Saionara Wax Atomizer by SZ Crossing also known as the Sai, is a wax pen atomizer designed by Crossing Tech California and manufactured by Shenzhen Crossing Tech (SZ Crossing). This is the REAL Saionara Wax Atomizer by SZ Crossing, not a re-branded one by Humboldt Vape Tech HVT, MaxVapor,…