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A New Breed of Vaporizer: The Anvil CopperCore Vaporizer

Every vaporist’s dream is to own a portable vaporizer with the power of a desktop.  For far too long, portable vaporizers were not capable or able to keep up with the vapor production of powerful desktop vapes.  The Mighty comes close, but eats up 0.5 grams to load a single bowl, is very unreliable and the batteries die quickly.

Enter the Next Generation Portable Vaporizer, the Anvil CopperCore Vaporizer by Vestratto.  An early release of the new Anvil was released in limited numbers last month. Now finally the new Anvil gives you desktop power in a portable which can be used natively or connect to your existing water tool and watch the white walling action.

PlanetHaze has been selected by Vestratto to premier all the new Anvil gear. Available first will be the new Anvil CopperCore vaporizer.  With an oven made of a stainless-copper-stainless sandwich, True Airflow Control, Custom Chambers, Temperature Clickers and precision machining along with the implementation of scientific principles all come together giving you an entourage effect from your flowers.  Will work natively with most glass pieces that have a female 14mm joint.

The new Anvil produces clouds of vapor so thick and plentiful that it looks like smoke, but is actually pure vapor.  Using just 0.1 grams of dried flowers will produce vapor that rivals that of the most powerful desktop vaporizers.

Chambers have been designed with specific uses and sizes.  The Terp Chamber is optimized to provide a more convection type terpy hit and the Helix Chamber is optimized to provide a more conduction type deep, full hit.  Terp and Helix chambers are available in Full Size (0.13 gram capacity) and Half Size (0.7 gram capacity) chamber sizes.

Finally the crown jewel and heart of the new Anvil Vaporizer, the multi-layer CopperCore Oven. Years in development, it is a real advancement in vaporizer technology.  A substantial improvement over any other vape in this form factor, the Anvil’s torch lighter powered CopperCore Oven has 10x more mass and spreads the heat 25x more efficiently.  The Copper Thermal Battery can retain enough heat to Fully Extract A Full Size Chamber In One Massive Hit.

100% designed, engineered and made in Canada by Vestratto Inc.  Former brain surgery equipment developers, have used their vast knowledge and expertise to design and build a serious Weapon of Vapor Destruction.  The world might not be ready for this level of vapor power.  Made from 316 Medical Stainless Steel and Pure Oxygen Free Copper.  Only the best materials and precision manufacturing techniques were chosen for the Anvil.  Advanced Multi-Access CNC, Laser Welding, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and High Precision Tooling are just some of the manufacturing techniques incorporated in this advanced new vaporizer.

What about pricing you ask? The best of anything costs more to make, but is usually worth it.  The Anvil is already gaining serious praise and is regarded as one of the heaviest hitting vapes ever made and certainly provides the biggest and strongest hits available from a portable vaporizer from using just 0.1 of a gram of herbs.  The new Anvil is one of a few vapes and the only portable vaporizer capable of full chamber extraction in one hit.  It can RTL (Ride The Line), skirting the line between vaporization and combustion, but with complete control to provide medical users with all the compounds they require from their dried herbs..

You have come to the right place to get yourself a new Anvil.  Contact Us if you have any questions about the Vestratto Anvil CopperCore Vaporizer 🙂

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